April 8th

A Better Day Ahead

For I am the LORD, I do not change. Malachi 3:6

If you think about it, life really all comes down to our relationships, but so often wires get crossed in our relationships. We're not communicating the same way we used to. We're just not on the same page anymore.

This confusion in relationships can happen just as easily in our relationship with God as it can in our relationships with one another. In fact, this is what was happening in Israel when God gave them a message through the prophet Malachi. This message still helps us today to uncross our wires and get back on God's page.

God asks Israel a few questions:

Why do you say that I don't love you? Why do you feel this way? And God reminds them of His history with them, how He protected them, preserved them, and stuck with them the whole time, despite how unlovable they often had been. For us, if we can't recognize God's love in the cross, then the problem is certainly on us and not on Him. We need to remember His love.

Where's the honor for Me in our relationship? Where have you shown that I am important to you? See, Israel kept bringing defiled offerings-animals that were blind and lameand keeping the best for themselves. Are you giving God your best-the first of your income, the best of your time, and the most passionate of your love?

Third, why are you betraying Me? Israel was betraying God by marrying women who worshiped other gods. They were also letting divorce run rampant, of which God said that He hates it, that it covers His altar with tears, and that because of it, He won't receive their offerings anymore. Do you still think it's okay to date that non-Christian you've been seeing? And so what if you're marriage is on the rocks. Get help and fix it, but don't give up on it; it's too important to give up.

God finally gets to the bottom line. He says, I am the LORD, I do not change. In other words, Here's the problem, guys-you don't give Me the right place in your heart where you think of Me before anything else. But all these accusations you level at Me, well, I don't change. I am that I am. It's you who needs to change.

The same is true of us. No matter how we feel toward God, He's never changed. He's always loved us and He loves us today. He's always wanted relationship with us, and no matter where our relationship with Him is at today, He wants to make it better.

Will you let Him?

Prayer Lord God,

Thank You that Your love for me never changes! Please forgive me for any ways I've failed You or doubted Your love. Come today and take me deeper into relationship with You!


Horizon Church