April 7th

Choose Your Glue

For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified. 1 Corinthians 2:2

It's time to go back to your roots. Do you know where they are?

First of all, to return to your roots means that you have been planted somewhere long enough to have developed them. If you never planted somewhere-and I mean really planted,

got involved, lived life, been active in what was going on over a sustained period of time-then your root system is dwarfed and you barely have roots to which you can return.

What are you talking about, Bob? I've had a great life and a great heritage I can fall back on at any time.

I'm not talking about your heritage in this world. As great as your family is, you cannot ride your roots in this world to Heaven. In fact, if your heritage didn't ground you in God, then your family roots in this world could actually keep you stuck in the mud, planted in things that keep you from Heaven.

What I am talking about is Christ crucified. Christ crucified is the center of our lives, the truth from which everything else flows that keeps us grounded for real life in God.

A lot of people are choosing to focus on anything but Christ crucified, thinking that somehow something else will fill that hole in their hearts. They think, Well, I just need to move; I need a different location. Or maybe it's-

I'm getting a new car. But you just got a new car last year and you weren't satisfied then, so why would you be now?

I just started dating this new person. But you've had four wives. You're on your third husband.

I need to be closer to my kids. Except that the kids used to live with you in your house. Did it solve issues then?

Maybe I just need a new church. Do you realize that this was your new church from the one you left?

I need more money, more education, a better job, a fancier title, more toys...then I'll be happy and satisfied.

No. These things are not the answers you need in life. You need Christ and Him crucified. He is your root system, your source of nutrients and strength to weather the storms of life.

Nothing else will satisfy you. It has to be Christ crucified alone.

Prayer Lord Jesus,

Thank You for being crucified for my sake! I choose to turn now from looking for answers in all the things this world has to offer. You alone are my hope and my strength, and I trust in You alone for everything I need!


Horizon Church