April 9th

The Integrity of Redemption

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

Who do you want to be on your seventy-fifth birthday?

This is a great question for us to ask ourselves because it puts the choices we're making today in perspective. One of the greatest measurements for how we're progressing toward who we want to be is to look at what we love right now. I say this because what you love seizes you every single day, and that's why God says it ought to be Him, because it affects everything.

What you love is what gets you out of bed. It determines what you do in the evenings, how you'll spend the weekend, what you read, and who you know.

Every person ever born was born with a love need. And what God says to us is, I want so much for you to be complete and whole in realizing that I'm the one who can fill that gaping hole in each and every heart. I will give you the purpose and meaning you desire.

I know that, really, all of us have had bumps in life. We've had bumps in the process of searching for something to fill that love hole, because everything else disappoints us. We put our hope out there, open up our heart to someone or something, and then the hurt comes when we realize it's not what we need. But here's where God is so good to us.

Just go back and read our verse for today. You know that verse, but all of us are right now in the process of discovering that what the Bible tells us is true. And here is one incredible thing that the Bible tells us is true-that God is faithful to redeem.

Redemption is not just something that is a historical record of what happened to the Israelites as they were set free from slavery to Egypt. It isn't something that just happens to a few folks like Moses. No, this process and program of redemption is God saying to us right now that All things will work together for good in your life and in mine.

Listen, I know that better now at fifty than I knew that at twenty. And I want to stand before you and say that I hope and pray that I know it even better at sixty than I knew it at fifty. And even more at seventy-five, if the Lord should tarry.

Who do I want to be at seventy-five? I want to be someone who loved Jesus enough to stick with Him through the tough times, so that I've seen His track record of redemption. How about you?

Prayer Father God,

Thank You for being the God of redemption! Thank You that You see all the things in my life that need redeemed. I choose to love You today, and ask for Your help to love You more every day as I look for Your redemption!


Horizon Church