May 31st

Upper Management

Then Moses said to the LORD, See, You say to me, Bring up this people. But You have not let me know whom You will send with me.' And He said, My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.' Exodus 33:12,14

What gigantic things are you facing these days? Are there any transitions you're going through right now?

You know, transitions are usually hard. They mean leaving familiar things behind and entering into new things, and we don't always know how we'll do with those new things. Well, Israel had a huge transition once. It was something called The Exodus; maybe you've heard of it. They were leaving Egypt, where they had been slaves for four hundred years, and heading to the land God had promised to give to their forefathers.

Their first stop on that journey was Mt. Sinai where God gave them the Ten Commandments and the instructions for building the Tabernacle. Just as God began telling them it was time to leave the mountain, there was some confusion about who was going with them.

At one point, God tells the people that He's sending an angel to help them enter the Promised Land, but Moses goes back to God and says, You haven't told us whom You will send with us. It's almost like Moses was arguing with God a bit, wanting more from Him, wanting to see more specifics of what God was saying.

But here's God's answer: My presence will go with you.

My Presence-it's the greatest gift of God. Not present, like a present under the Christmas Tree-presence. And wanting more of His presence in your life is what you should be asking for.

And He promises right here, My presence will go with you and I will give you rest. Halleluiah! What a great promise of God. Don't miss that. Don't somehow undervalue that promise of His presence with you. The presence of the Lord is going to go with you wherever you go.

He will not leave you. He will not forsake you. Forget about all of the rest of your Yeah, but... He's with you. Done deal. Never leave you. My presence will go with you.

The matter is settled. There are no more questions to ask. Whatever transition you're going through right now, whatever gigantic things you are facing, God's presence is with you, even right now while you're reading these words, setting you apart and setting you free into all that He has for you.

Prayer Lord God,

Thank You that Your presence is always with me! I know that, no matter what I face, I can always overcome it and conquer my circumstances because You are with me!


Horizon Church