May 30th

High Noon

And when Jesus was in Bethany at the house of Simon the leper, a woman came to Him having an alabaster flask of very costly fragrant oil, and she poured it on His head as he sat at the table...But when Jesus was aware of it, he said to them, Why do you trouble the woman? For she has done a good work for Me.' Matthew 26:6-7,10

Do you ever wonder what people think about you at church?

I think most of us want to say no, but I know those people are out there during worship times, asking, If I raise my hands, will people think I've become a fanatic? Or if I sing out, what will people think of that? I don't have a very good voice, after all.

We've got to ask ourselves, when was the last time our worship was unrestrained? Really we just need to say that it's time to get our eyes off of our surroundings, as Mary does in our verses today. She could not care less about how people were viewing her there in that house. I mean they're sort of saying, Invitation list, is she even on it?

She didn't care. She is uninhibited. She is just pouring it out.

And Judas is this fraud on the side that wants her condemned and ostracized for her un-

restrained worship. He holds on tightly to everything that he wants to control.

Have you ever thought about this? I mean Judas has been around Jesus more than Mary has been around Jesus. And while Mary recognized what an honor and joy it was to be with Jesus, Judas had let it become common. He was like, Oh, excuse me. Is it time to eat again? Is it time to read the Bible again? Oh, here come the blind again. Great, more lepers.

And if we're not careful, that's what can become of us. Oh, I already know the story from Matthew 26. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's the thing about the perfume bottle and all. We need to be careful lest we allow our massive exposure exteriorly to never take root and penetrate us on the interior.

It's almost like Judas was saying, You know what? I grew up in church. I've been a Chris-

tian my whole life. But it didn't make him a worshiper, and it doesn't make you a worshiper. It doesn't make you one who is fully surrendered and devoted over to the Lord, as Mary was.

Listen, don't just say you're a Christian. Prove it with unrestrained worship.

Prayer Lord Jesus,

I love you! I am so completely blown away by all that You have done for me and how You love me! And I just can't hold myself back from giving You absolutely everything I am with the fullness of my heart. I worship You now without restraint!


Horizon Church