February 8th

The Measure of Our Days

Many waters cannot quench love, nor can the floods drown it. If a man would give for love all the wealth of his house, it would be utterly despised. Song of Solomon 8:7

Till death do us part. That’s the promise we all make when we get married, that nothing will tarnish our faithfulness to our spouse until death forces our previously unsevered relationship to become severed.

But here’s the reality-only about half of us who make that promise keep it. And of those who keep that promise enough to not get divorced, many violate it with pornography, abuse, selfishness, sleeping together before making their vows, or heart-level unfaithfulness.

As we race toward the end times, we can be confident that marriage will come under increasing attack in our culture. It’s vital for us, then, to remember that no matter what our culture endorses, God’s commands never change.

No matter if our culture gasps when a young couple refuses to sleep together before they wed. No matter what filthy things or latest gossip comes out of our coworkers’ mouths. No matter who is disrespecting their spouse, dishonoring them when they talk to others. No matter how easy it is to access pornography. None of this matters, because God hasn’t changed and neither has His Word.

God hasn’t changed, and this gives us a very important word where our love is concerned, that we are to be faithful. And I mean that we are to be faithful not just to our spouse, but to our God.

I mean that above all else we hold on to the love that He has most faithfully given us, not letting it be cheapened or taken for granted. Don’t settle for what the world is living for. Don’t rent out your heart. Don’t play the field. Don’t treat your heart like a lounge chair that anybody walking by is invited to sit in. No!

Instead, keep your heart and your eyes and your affections fixed on the One who loves you the most and the best. Can any love you’ll find on earth compare to His? No! Never! Not in a million years! Then why on earth would you look for love anywhere else besides His embrace, in His heart for you?

Fix His love upon your heart today and do not let it forsake you. If you’ll do this, your marriage and your walk with God will be blessed off the charts.

Prayer Lord Jesus,

Thank You that You love me more than I can even imagine! I know that You love me, but I want to know it even more. And as You show me Your love, I choose to love You and none other, obeying Your commands to stay faithful now and forever to my spouse.


Horizon Church