September 6th

Knowing God's Plan

The Spirit of the LORD shall rest upon Him, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD. Isaiah 11:1-2

God wants us to understand Him-how wild is that!

This is why He reveals Himself to us. He does this in many ways, most of all through Jesus. Our verses today tell us quite a bit about Jesus, showing us what it meant that God filled Him with the Holy Spirit.

First, Jesus had the Spirit of the LORD-the very Spirit of God. This was fulfilled when the Spirit descended upon Jesus when He was baptized, and it's significant for us today because Jesus promised that the exact same thing would happen to us.

Second, Jesus had the Spirit of wisdom. Wisdom is knowledge applied-it's what to do with what you know. This is how Jesus always knew just the right way to answer every difficult situation He faced.

Third, Jesus had the Spirit of understanding. Can't you just see this one all the way through Jesus' ministry? He was always hanging out with the drunkards and sinners-because He understood, and so He had compassion on them. He still understands us today and still works to save us.

Fourth, Jesus had the Spirit of counsel. Do you need some advice? Jesus has the counsel-the Spirit of counsel, which is one of the characteristics of the Holy Spirit who lives in you. Ask Him and let Him counsel you today.

Fifth, Jesus had the Spirit of might. Jesus won the greatest victory of all time in His death and resurrection, defeating all the unseen forces of evil. His Spirit is mighty in us to walk in this victory.

Sixth, Jesus had the Spirit of knowledge. He knows everything! Surely, we can trust Him with anything and everything.

Seventh, Jesus had the Spirit of the fear of the Lord. The role of this aspect of the Holy Spirit is to bring a respect and honor toward the Lord, what He says, and His role in our lives. Jesus had all seven of these active in His life, but then He gave His Spirit to us, which means the Holy Spirit is all of these things for us, too.

Come understand God, and let Him be who He is in your life.

Prayer Holy Spirit,

Thank You for all that You do in my life! I invite You to come and manifest these seven aspects of who You are in my life. Come and have Your way in me!


Horizon Church