September 22nd

When the Church Gets It Wrong

For I fear...lest there be contentions, jealousies, outbursts of wrath, selfish ambitions, backbiting, whisperings, conceits, tumults. 2 Corinthians 12:20

Distraction. It's a big issue these days, is it not? I mean, how many states have enacted some form of legislation to ban texting while driving? And some places don't even let you talk on a cell phone at all while you're driving, and some only if it's with hands free devices. Distraction is no less of an issue in churches, as not only do we face all the issues that the instant connection of technology brings, but we face all kinds of other distractions as well. There's the distraction of worship. People say all kinds of things. Didn't like it. Too fast. Too slow. Too new. Too old. I like the hymnals. You like PowerPoint on a screen. And that church over there? Man, they're still stuck on overhead slides! As if the technology we use during the music portion of a service could somehow serve as a barometer for our love for God. The real barometer there is your response to the technology and style-can you overcome the hurdle of your preferences, or do you love your preferences more than you love God?

There's the distraction of teaching and preaching. That preacher preached too long. This one offended me. And I just didn't like the sound of that other guy's voice; boy, he just picked the wrong job! Seriously. Don't shop for your church, looking for someone to tell you all the things you want to hear. Instead, find a church that preaches the Word of God purely and simply, but that also won't let you get by just learning the Word, leading you beyond that into living it.

Even miracles can be a distraction. Now, let me be clear, I have seen miracles and I sincerely believe that miracles belong in the Church today. However, I've also seen churches where miracles have become the main show, like they've somehow become more important than the most important miracle of Jesus' death and resurrection. Every other miracle serves to demonstrate the love of God that was most supremely demonstrated on the cross to save us from sin, death, Hell, and the grave and remind us of the most chief of all miracles-salvation.

The point is that churches get it wrong when they take the focus off of God. When anything else becomes the main point, it's a distraction that keeps us from entering into the best God has for us.

What's taking your eyes off of God today? Give it over to Him and choose to focus your heart on Him alone.

Prayer Lord God,

Thanks for refocusing me! I give to You my circumstances, hopes and dreams, family, work, and everything else to You and I choose to set my eyes on You today. Fill my heart and lead me into all You have for me!


Horizon Church