August 4th

One Trumpet, One Throne, and Two Amazing Witnesses

Then I was given a reed like a measuring rod. And the angel stood, saying, Rise and measure the temple of God, the altar, and those who worship there.' Revelation 11:1

When you notice something happen over and over again, it's good to pay attention. One of those things that we see in the Bible has to do with temples. If you do a word study in the Bible on temples, you'll see a pattern developing.

First, you'll see the Tabernacle built by Moses in the Wilderness as the first temple. This is the first place where God came to dwell with man since the Fall. The Tabernacle was set up and taken down everywhere Israel went until David wanted to do something new.

David said it was wrong for him to live in a fancy house while God lived in a tent, but God said that David wasn't allowed to build a temple, giving the job to his son Solomon. Solomon built a temple like the world had never seen, but this temple would eventually be destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar and all its treasures carried off by him.

Zerubbabel rebuilt Solomon's temple, though it was much smaller and humbler. Herod the Great added to this temple, and this was the temple during Jesus' days. But this temple, too, was destroyed, in AD 70 when Titus besieged Jerusalem and completely destroyed it, which fulfilled Jesus' prophecy.

Now we are in between literal temples, but we are figurative ones. There is no building that is the temple, but each one of us is the temple of God. Yet our bodies don't last forever. Even these temples will be destroyed one day.

Finally, there will be the End Times temple. And this temple is where the anti-Christ will sit on the throne and declare himself God.

Which brings us to our point-that there have been and are many temples, but there is only one throne, a throne in which Jesus Christ triumphantly has been invited to rule and reign in and over our hearts.

Whether you believe in Jesus yet or not, there is a throne that rules over your life. Is Jesus sitting in it, or has some form of the anti-Christ come in and taken His place?

Answer carefully-what happens to your soul when your temple is destroyed depends on it.

Prayer Lord Jesus,

You are God and King above all else! I choose to worship You alone and I invite You to come and rule over the throne of my life!


Horizon Church