July 3rd

Holey Moley

The look on their countenance witnesses against them, and they declare their sin as Sodom; they do not hide it. Woe to their soul! For they have brought evil upon themselves. Isaiah 3:9

What has the power to destroy a nation?

This is an interesting question, and to answer it, we can see in scripture five flaws that can bring on the collapse of any nation.

First, debt can destroy a nation. Often this begins as a day of abundance where people get used to living the high life. But people do not reach the end of their appetite when they reach the end of their means, so they go into debt to acquire more. Debt turns our day of abundance into a drought of dependence in which we have begun to rely on creditors instead of on our God.

Second, the departure of godly leadership can destroy a nation. This does not usually happen when all the godly people decide to move, but rather when the desire for godly leadership is replaced with disrespect. When there is no honor for wisdom then people do not pursue it or follow it, and those godly, wise leaders become irrelevant to the direction of the nation.

Third, a nation can be destroyed when the office of authority is no longer honored. When we are just begging someone, anyone, to run for office-we just need a warm body to sit in the chair-then this is a bad sign. When good people quit running for office, then goodness quits running.

Fourth, when sins that should bring shame are celebrated, it can destroy a nation. The plain fact of the matter is that, as enticing as the life of sin is, it is a life of living Hell that we create for ourselves because it is a life that is separate from God.

Fifth, when children of the Crown become children of the culture, it can destroy a nation. This can be summed up as a change of focus from inward beauty to outward beauty. When we stop caring about the character of our hearts more than the attractiveness and adornment of our bodies then it takes our eyes off of the eternal and focuses them on the temporary.

These things put together, lasting over time, spell disaster for any nation. Change must come to our nation, and it starts with us. Where do you see these five things in your life?

Prayer Lord God,

I want my nation to be blessed! I repent for any way that I have helped lead my country the wrong way by living out these five things. Please release mercy to me, and to America, and lead us back to You!


Horizon Church