July 10th

Holy Moley

And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own food and wear our own apparel; only let us be called by your name, to take away our reproach.' Isaiah 4:1

Have you ever been to a costume party? Chances are good that you go to them more often than you think.

Almost all of us wear costumes, so let me tell you about some of the most common cos-

tumes people wear these days.

Success. People wear the costumes of cars, fancy houses, jewelry galore, nice clothes, and all the other trimmings. You know what? I've talked to a lot of these people and I have discovered something. Almost all of them are insecure, wondering the same questions about life that everyone else is wondering. The success and the bling and the sweet rides and the fancy cribs, none of it fills that hole of desire in their hearts.

Beauty. Have you ever been to one of those popular health clubs? They're packed with people, many of whom are there not for the sake of health, but for the sake of beauty. They want to look good. They want to impress people. And while they are disgusted at being ogled when they walk down the street, they like that they turn heads. Plastic surgeons and Botox clinics make their living by providing these costumes.

Relationships. A lot of people try to hide who they are with the people they choose as friends. I must be cool; just look at my friends! They pretend that nothing is wrong while they attend the upscale parties and the fanciest release bashes, or they feel important because their friends are high ranking business or government officials. All of this is a costume.

You want to know the only costume that works? It's Christ. He's the only costume that works, because when we put Him on, He changes our heart. And when He changes our heart, it fulfills who we were created to be and we no longer live a pretended life; we can actually live a genuine one.

Would you like a genuine life today? Then put off the costume and put on Christ.

Prayer Jesus Christ,

I confess that I have worn costumes all my life, trying to make myself look better than I really am. But I know that all of those things are worthless compared to You. I want the genuine life that You offer me. Please come into my life and make me Yours!


Horizon Church