June 16th

Never Saw It Coming

The words of the wise are like goads, and the words of scholars are like well-driven nails, given by one Shepherd. And further, my son, be admonished by these. Ecclesiastes 12:11-12

It can be easy to forget what really matters. Do you remember? Even the wise King Solomon had forgotten what was really important, and it's almost as if he wrote our verses for today to remind himself of what he already knew was true.

Who wrote the book of Proverbs? Oh yeah, that was me, he says. Then he goes on to say, Hey, yeah, those Proverbs I wrote? They aren't just pretty words to admire. They are words to embrace, to study, to meditate on and memorize, and ultimately, to allow to speak into your heart and life. They are words to remind you what really matters.

He says that these words are like goads. Do you know what a goad is? It is a stick used by shepherd to get their sheep to move, a method of discipline to bring the sheep into good pastures. They are like well-driven nails, hammered into just the right place, dividing between soul and spirit, bone and marrow, hitting you right where you need it in the best way possible.

But this kind of language goes cross-grain to what our culture says today. Our culture says that disciplining our kids is abuse, that we shouldn't nail them down, so to speak, to what really matters, that they need the freedom to determine for themselves who they are and what truth is.

Hogwash. Lack of discipline is why your kid is a monster, staying out too late, breaking your rules, getting drunk, sleeping around, driving crazy, and killing themselves. I don't know many Christian parents who tell their kids these things are okay, but if you don't discipline them to enforce what you tell them then why would they listen to you? Have you forgotten that you're the parent, the one who's actually in charge?

Or maybe we've just forgotten what's really important in our own lives-the fact that God's in charge, that we're His children, and that He does discipline us. Why does God discipline us? Because He loves us, and so that we'll listen to His words.

Even as earthly parents, we want our kids to listen to our words because we know that if they do, then we can help them have a better, more successful life. How much more is this true with God?

If we will listen to God's Word, good things await us. Let God's Word admonish you today. Let it remind you what really matters.

Prayer Father God,

Thank You that You are a good Father and that no matter what my earthly father was like, I can trust You. I know that I can trust Your words to lead me into a better life, and someday, into the fullness of eternal life that You have for me. Please lead me with Your Word today!


Horizon Church