March 7th

The Lasting Change Redemption Brings

But you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem. Hebrews 12:22

What places are on your must see list? Hawaii? The Bahamas? Europe? The Great Wall of China? Whatever you have on your list, let me add one more-Mount Zion.

But I'll give you some advice-you don't just want to visit there; you want to live thereforever. Why? I'll give you seven reasons.

First, you get Heaven. It doesn't get much better than that, does it? Right out of the gate, Mount Zion is associated with the home and city of the Living God. And catch this, you get a home not just in Heaven, but right in the Father's house. You get a home in God's home!

Second, you get an innumerable company of angels. Do you know what is implied in the word company? It means a party of angels, a festal gathering. In other words, when you get to Heaven, the band will play, the confetti will fly, and everyone will celebrate you.

Third, you are now the Church of the firstborn that's registered in Heaven. This means that you aren't stuck with the rights of a second, third, fifth, or two-hundredth born child of God. No, you have all the rights, privileges, and inheritance of a firstborn.

Fourth, you get God. No, really. This God who told Moses, No one has seen my face and lived, now receives you without reservation into His presence. There's no appointment necessary; you just get God.

Fifth, you get perfection. Now listen, your body is not eternal. It will fall apart one day. But what's waiting for you in Heaven is complete perfection, all that you were meant to be. And not just you, but all the saints of Old and New Testament will be there completely perfected. Samson, Nehemiah, Daniel, Abraham, Noah, Job, Enoch, and David will all be there!

Sixth, you get Jesus. Yes, don't forget Jesus. He'll be there, too! Oh, for us to hug our Savior, to wrap our arms around His neck, to look into His eyes and to thank Him for all that He has accomplished for us!

Seventh, you get complete forgiveness. You get the blood that speaks better things than the blood of Abel. Abel's blood, if you remember, cried out for vengeance, but Jesus' blood cries out for victory. This forgiveness is not temporary. It's not momentary. It's not symbolic. This forgiveness is real. It is full. It is complete. It is healing. It is cleansing. It is forever.

Will you come to Mount Zion today?

Prayer Lord God,

Thank You for offering me such a gift! I receive this from You today and trust in Jesus to save me. Change my life and lead me to Mount Zion!


Horizon Church