March 30th

Whatever It Takes

Then the eleven disciples went away into Galilee, to the mountain which Jesus had appointed for them. When they saw Him, they worshiped Him; but some doubted. Matthew 28:16-17

Do you remember where it all began for you? Where did you first meet Jesus? What was it like? Who was with you? What could you hear, see, smell, and feel? What was it that finally compelled you to give your life to Him?

All Christians have a starting point in their walk with Jesus. That walk then begins to move around as we follow Jesus through life, but sometimes it's as though we lose sight of Jesus. It's like we've lost Him and either don't know or don't care where He is anymore.

This is what happened to the disciples. Jesus met them and called them in the region of Galilee, then He led them all throughout Israel and they never once lost sight of Him until He died and was buried. Boy, did they think He was lost then, and that they were lost with Him!

Of course, that's not where their story ended, for when Jesus rose from the dead He called them to join Him in the exact same place where it had all started-Galilee. Not only that, but He invited them up to the mountain to have some one-on-one time with Him away from everyone else.

Now, they could have had a few objections. They could have said, You know, Jerusalem isn't the safest place right now; I don't think we should leave our wives here. They could have argued, Yeah, I could come, but that's a four day walk, and then I'd have to climb a mountain. I'm just not sure I'm up for that. I mean, I'm so emotionally drained right now; I just don't have it in me. Just give me some time to recover. Or maybe You could come meet me here. That would be great; just come meet me here.

But that's not what they said. Instead, they said, Whatever it takes, I will get back to where I started so that I can find Jesus again.

Do you feel like you have lost sight of Jesus today? If so, then be like the disciples and go back in your heart to where you first found Him. He will still be there, waiting for you to come, no matter what it takes.

Prayer Lord Jesus,

I don't know how, but I confess today that I somehow lost sight of You. I know that You're still there for me, so I choose to look to You today just as I first did when I began walking with You. Please come and meet me again today as You did then!


Horizon Church