March 11th

When Excess Is Too Much

Then the LORD said to Moses, Behold, I will rain bread from heaven for you. And the people shall go out and gather a certain quota every day, that I may test them, whether they will walk in My law or not.' Exodus 16:4

Alright, time's up, pencils down. Please pass your tests to the end of the row and someone will come by to collect them.

Like it or not, we've all had tests. Even though most of us are done with school, we still have tests. Really, every day, every unique and new situation, is a test. And in this life that is filled with tests, God will also sometimes test us.

In our verse for today, we see an example of a time when God tested Israel from which we can learn a lot about His tests.

First, God tests with instruction. He'll make things really, really clear for us, and He'll wait to see if we can follow instructions. It's like, Are you listening? This is first base. I mean, you can't pass any of the other tests if you don't get at least this far. If you forget to read the instructions on the SAT's, then it won't matter how hard you try to answer correctly, you'll still get quite a few wrong. It's the same way with God. We have to listen to His instructions or we'll fail the tests.

Second, God tests our obedience. He wants to see, not just if we'll pay attention to the instructions, but whether we will obey them. Now that you've listened to the instructions, will you do them? Or will you say, You know what? I think I know a better way to answer these questions than this test facilitator said. I'm going to try it my own way! Yeah, good luck with that one. When God gives us instructions for life, we need to obey them, living life His way and not our own way.

Third, God tests our contentment. So you've listened to the instructions and obeyed them, but are you criticizing the facilitator and His tests? Man, that facilitator thinks he's just so important, like everyone should listen to him. Who does he think he is? Besides, that test was stupid. I could totally come up with better stuff than that. Really? We've got to guard our attitude and make sure we stay thankful that Almighty God simply wants to help us and be part of our lives.

Watch throughout your life and you'll notice this pattern happen over and over again. God will give you instructions, wait to see if you obey, and then watch your attitude through the process.

So now you've received your key to the test. Pencils up, your time has just begun.

Prayer Father God,

Thanks for helping me understand how You test me! Please help me now to be faithful in times of testing so that I can pass. I want to live completely for You!


Horizon Church