January 8th

The Full Surrender

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Psalm 119:105

What directs your life? How do you make decisions from day to day?

A lot of people simply make their own plans and head out into life in whatever direction they wish to go. However, for the Christian, this is not an option.

The reason that we should not choose our own way is because God calls that going astray. And the truth is that He has plans for our lives that, if we will submit to Him, will be a million times better than anything we would have come up with on our own.

So how do we follow His plans for our lives? What source of direction do we have so that we can perceive our path? The best source we have is God’s Word.

His Word is a lamp for our feet and a light for our path. When we try to walk by any other plan then we are walking in darkness and it will lead us to stumble in life. Just like if you try to find your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night when you are out camping in the mountains where there is no light, if you do not bring your flashlight then you are going to stumble.

Here’s the problem-we want the five-year plan. We want the ten-year package. We want the blueprints of our life to float down from Heaven and land on the kitchen table. But God’s Word doesn’t promise that, and do you know why? Because if He gave us those things then we would check out.

We would stop seeking Him, looking to Him for direction, pursuing Him for His presence along our path. We would try to accomplish His plans on our own, and that would never work because His plans for our lives are such that He wants to be a part of them. In fact, they even are so amazing that they are things we could never accomplish on our own without Him.

Listen, if you’re not in God’s Word then you are thinking too highly of yourself. We cannot do life on our own-either stumbling in the dark without a light or trying to live by the light with more faith in ourselves than in God.

Let’s do life right-in the light of God’s Word with faith in the One who can bring us all the way home.

Prayer Lord God,

Thank You for being my light and my salvation! Thank You for Your Word that guides me on my path! Please help me to hear Your direction clearly and give me faith to walk with You all my life.


Horizon Church