January 15th

Getting Plowed

Listen! Behold, a sower went out to sow…He who has ears to hear, let him hear! Mark 4:3,9

Have you checked your heart lately? It could be that your heart isn’t in as good of condition as you think it is.

I am not talking about your cardiovascular health. I am talking about whether your heart is in the right condition for God to be able to speak to you!

Jesus compared our hearts to four different types of soil, and if we are not careful then we can find that our hearts have become unfruitful for the work of God’s kingdom.

What is often overlooked in this parable, however, is the sower. Did you ever notice that there is only one sower? The sower is the Holy Spirit. And though He uses knuckleheaded people to get the message out, it is important to recognize that it is the Holy Spirit trying to teach us God’s Word.

Jesus told His disciples that the Holy Spirit would lead us into all truth. A pastor does the best job he can, but ultimately, he is only a tool of the Holy Spirit to help lead the body of Christ into all truth.

Our job is to listen. Have you been sitting in the pew, listening to the pastor preaching, when all of a sudden something he says strikes a chord deep inside you? In that moment, did you feel like something needed to change in your life? If so, then it wasn’t the pastor speaking to you; it was the Holy Spirit.

We need to have ears that hear. The key is believing that while some human is talking up front, the God of the Universe may butt in and sow seed into our heart.

Will the Sower find good soil in your heart? The answer depends on whether you are willing to hear.

Prayer Holy Spirit,

Thank You for leading me into all truth! Help me to hear Your promptings and to keep my heart prepared to receive the seed You sow.


Horizon Church