February 26th

Crossing Is Choosing

We give no offense in anything, that our ministry may not be blamed 2 Corinthians 6:3

You got a skeleton in your closet? Of course you do. We all do. The question is what we do with them.

A lot of people just try to hide the skeletons in their closet, and I understand that. I mean, none of us want to broadcast our past failures for everyone in the whole world to see. But you know what I think happens if we never open that door up for someone to see? I think those skeletons start wanting to breed. You hear me? I’m saying that those hidden failures of the past want to lead you into present day and future failures if we’re not careful.

Because here’s the deal, Paul set our standard in our verse today that we would bring no offense to anyone, that there would be no scandal.

That’s why we have our church fully audited by a national firm of the most conservative type. We do it so that there can never be any question of where the funds are going, no doubt about who is tapping into the resources and why. Now, this is by no means either cheap or popular. But we do it for the sake of the gospel, that no one would have any reason to be offended with God because of us.

Can you say the same, that no one will be offended with God because of you? One of the scariest verses in all of Scripture, to me, is Romans 2:24, saying, For the name of God is blasphemed among the gentiles because of you. Is the way you’re living-matching up with Christ crucified, or with the skeletons in your closet? It’s time for the actions of our lives to match the words of our mouths. If we preach it, then we’d better practice it.

And in this practice, here’s the word for you-go bold. Be a standout. Don’t hold back because you think people will call you a hypocrite, because the only way you become a hypocrite is by talking one thing and doing another. Just be bold in letting your life match your words.

How, you ask? First, with God’s help. Romans 8:13 says that it’s by the Spirit that we put to death the deeds of our flesh. Second, with the help of fellow believers. Let these brothers or sisters into your life, open up your closet, and let them help to guard and strengthen you as you pursue ultimate victory.

Don’t let those skeletons haunt you anymore. Bring them to light instead by being filled with the life of Christ.

Prayer Lord Jesus,

Thank You that You are more powerful than the skeletons in my closet! I open up my closet to You and ask for Your help to make my future different than my past!


Horizon Church