February 11th

Avoiding the Toll Road of Divorce

For the LORD God of Israel says that He hates divorce, for it covers one’s garment with violence,’ says the LORD of hosts. Malachi 2:16

Do you realize how seriously the Lord takes marriage and divorce?

People come into my office all the time with the most creative excuses you can imagine. It’s as though they think they get to be the exception to the rule. Let me be clear-

there are no exceptions. God makes His opinion of divorce very clear in His Word. He hates it. Hates! How is that for strong language?

God is so serious about marriage and divorce that He will not even listen to us while we go through the motions of godliness if we do not keep faith with our spouse (see Malachi 2:13-14). Why? Because He was a witness to our vows. He was there when we stood at the altar together, or the courtroom, and pledged, Till death do us part. He has seen whether or not we have been faithful.

He says to us, You made a covenant, and that covenant still stands. You cannot violate it and expect that I will be okay with that.

God is so serious about this because He desires godly offspring (Malachi 2:15). Divorce cuts off godly offspring because it creates orphans.

I still hang out with my kids, Bob; they aren’t orphans, you tell me. Yeah, you still hang out with them, at least when it’s your turn to have custody of them. But what your kids really need is two fulltime parents, not two part-time parents who divide their children between them like spoils of war.

We have a higher calling, saints. We need to take our marriages seriously, no exceptions.

Prayer Lord God, I repent for how I have let excuses creep into my heart. I choose now to take my marriage seriously. Please heal our hearts from all the hurts we’ve given each other and help me to make my marriage into everything you want it to be.


Horizon Church