April 1st

How Do You Do Life?

Yet indeed I also count all things loss...that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection. Philippians 3:8,10

Have you seen the news lately? We know that we shouldn't expect good news on the news, but some historically terrible things have been happening.

We've seen riots spread throughout the Middle East; war in many nations; earthquakes in Indonesia, Iraq, China, Haiti, and Japan; tsunamis in India, Thailand, Indonesia, and Japan; volcanoes in Europe; the threat of nuclear meltdown; and economic crises all over the world.

What disaster are you facing? Maybe it is not as dramatic as these international issues, but for your life as an individual, a smaller disaster can wreak just as much havoc. Whether it is brokenness in your family, financial and career issues, or the death of a loved one, these things are difficult. They make us ask, How am I supposed to make it through life when such terrible things happen?

The answer is hope. As a Christian, you can always have hope!

Imagine this-Jesus was so far past hope that He was dead. Think of that. Are you dead in your circumstances? Jesus was dead. There was no hope. He had raised dead people back to life, but how could He raise Himself? It was impossible. No chance, no way, no hope.

But wait. Something shook the ground, and then an angel appeared in blinding light and struck the soldiers like dead men. The stone rolled away and-it can't be!-Jesus walked out alive!

The power of the resurrection in Him overcame even death. Hope was restored!

If you are a Christian, then this Jesus is alive in you. You always have hope! No matter what you are facing today, ask Jesus to help you. Ask Him to resurrect your circumstances and bring life to you again.

Then, as you go throughout your days, give this hope to others around you who need it. Everyone is shaken at one time or another, but we can bring them what they need-hope.

Let your hope be strong, for Jesus is alive!

Prayer Lord Jesus,

Thank You that You are alive, and that You are alive in me! I repent for losing hope in You because of my circumstances. Please restore my hope and bring life to what seems dead around me.


Horizon Church