October 1st

Return of the King

Strike the Shepherd and the sheep will be scattered. Zechariah 13:7

Who is the Shepherd of your life? Hopefully you can answer with confidence that Jesus is your Shepherd, but did you know that God has given you junior shepherds to help you follow the Chief Shepherd?

It's true! These junior shepherds are called pastors. A pastor is someone who leads the sheep out into the pasture where they can find the nourishment they need for life.

Let me be clear no pastor is supposed to take the place of the Chief Shepherd in your life. However, a great responsibility lies on the shoulders of your pastor the responsibility of leading you into a Christ-like life! We who are junior shepherds will answer to the Chief Shepherd for how well we carried out our calling, and there is nothing Satan would like more than to strike the shepherds so the sheep scatter.

This means that those in the body of Christ who are sheep carry a great responsibility as well the responsibility to pray for their pastor.

Prayer is not just for the super-spiritual; it is not only for those who have it all figured out. If you belong to Jesus, then He hears your prayers! Prayer is powerful. Paul frequently asked his churches to pray for him. Jesus asked His disciples to pray with Him in the last hours before the cross.

Who is your junior shepherd? They need your prayers. We need your prayers. Will you please keep us in your prayers?

Prayer Dear Jesus,

Thank you for my pastor. Give him the wisdom and strength needed to care for Your sheep.


Horizon Church